Who Benefits the Most from Automated Ordering

Who Benefits the Most from Automated Uniform Ordering

There’s nothing like watching kids on the field or ice, being great team players, having fun, showing off their skills and making you proud.  Whether you’re a parent, coach or volunteer, it is ALL about the children!

Teams and leagues in all sports have expenses that most people aren’t aware of.  It takes a lot of effort and time from volunteers, parents, coaches and execs to keep the team operating.

Most of the frustration our clients experience comes from how hard it is to fundraise these days.  It’s not that they don’t try – it’s just that time and money is scarce for most people so getting the donations and volunteer hours gets more difficult each year.

Automated ordering benefits the kids

The universe is not about to add more hours to the day and winning the lottery is iffy at best so how does your team get more of both so the kids can keep playing?


That’s right.

Save time.
On average a team with 75 players spends almost 40 hours to handle uniform orders – which doesn’t include updates, mistakes or aftercare.  That’s a lot of time that could be put towards other things the team needs to get done.

Save money.
Most teams have a lot of their budgets tied up in out-of-date uniform and teamwear inventory.  Those funds can probably be better spent on new equipment or field/ice time.

Raise more funds.
With automated team uniform ordering the team earns a portion of every sale.  Because all orders are placed online, teams can now sell a greater selection of teamwear and spiritwear.  Selling more means raising more for the team!

So who benefits most from automated uniform ordering – Children, man, tis’ all about THE CHILDREN!

Visit us TeamOrdering.ca to see how our automated team uniform ordering system can help the kids!

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