Problems We Solve

In addition to our pitch page, here are some points you may find useful, practical or downright revolutionary:

Organizing the Process of Buying Uniforms for Teams

Time and time again we hear praises about how much easier everyone's life is. For some, the Chaos of doing things "the old way" is a just a bad memory - for most, however, it's still reality!

We've examined the process from every angle. The Team Administrator. The Parent Volunteer(s). The Supplier. The entire "old school" ordering process. The spreadsheets, the email chains, the scribbles of paper, the ziplock bags for collecting money. Let's not forget the accuracy rate of maybe 60-70% by the time it's done - 8 months after it began! Only to do it again in a few months time...

We've organized and simplified everyone's roles to a series of foolproof, simple actions. The entire process is single-entry, with a complete audit trail and clear handoff points to the next person.

Roles and Responsibilities

We relieve everyone of most of the "heavy lifting" activities that historically cause frustration, delays, arguments and mistakes:

  • clumsy spreadsheets being sent back and forth to everyone
  • paper order forms that get lost
  • endless corrections, edits and adjustments
  • dozens of emails, phone calls, texts… Wouldn’t you be rather doing something else???

Our Team Ordering Platform (TOP) eliminates the source of 90% of problems, automates the process and software assumes the responsibilities involving scheduling, record keeping and other things people are terrible at 🙂

Transparent Audit Trail

Nothing worse than volunteering your time and hearing whispers about kickbacks, backroom deals and cronyism, as it often happens when groups of people spend money.

Our Team Ordering Platform (TOP) provides real-time reporting and a detailed audit trail of activities, available to anyone authorized.

Hand-picked Quality Products

The Team Ordering Platform (TOP) organizes the process in a way that is "revolutionary " (not our words!) but let's not forget the actual products we sell.

Given almost 30 years of promotional and apparel industry experience, we know the landscape in and out. For our inventory, we sourced the best vendors and products currently available on the market. Our inventory continues to grow and our buying power means savings for you!

Revenue Generation and Fundraising

Another huge benefit that deserves its own writeup are your new opportunities to raise funds for your teams.