Why YOU need a store?

First things first Volunteers. The foundation of any team or association. Without them, you would not be able to run everything smoothly and efficiently. Their roles and responsibilities range from organizing team events such as tournaments, outings, fundraising nights etc to equipment managing and timekeeping. In between all of these, uniform ordering should not be a […]

Team Ordering System vs the Insanity of Manual Ordering

If you have ever been in charge of collecting all the money for team uniforms, you know the headaches and the stress that come with it. If you have been chased by a volunteer who needs you to fill out paperwork and give money, you also know the headaches and stress. The insanity of ordering […]

Team Uniform Sales – Where’s the Money?

Team uniforms unite team members and supporters, yet for many sports associations, they’re a drain on finances and manpower – when the uniform and teamwear ordering process can be a huge benefit to your organization. Your volunteers and parents likely see ordering uniforms as a necessary evil.  Never mind what the treasurer is saying about […]

Keep It In Your Pants

I can see you laughing and smiling.  That is not what this post is about, but I am pleased to see I got your attention. This is about keeping something else that’s important to you, in your pocket…..your money. How much of your association’s money is tied up in uniform and teamwear? If you immediately […]

The Catch 22 of Team Uniform Ordering

Catch 22 “a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.” Team uniform ordering can be just that.   Team uniform orders need to be placed and paid for.  There’s no way around it. If team players aren’t outfitted properly they can’t play, if they can’t […]

Escaping the Paper Prison of Team Sales

If your team sales business is drowning, or at least wading through paper order forms, POs and (hopefully) cheques, we have some tips to get you out of your paper prison. Replace catalogues and flyers with a branded online webstore a for each team or league Paper order forms become a thing of the past […]

Championship Uniforms – Don’t be late ordering (again)

Summer is coming to a close and championship season is upon us. Your players have had an amazing year and they’re preparing to play in the Provincial Championships in a few weeks. The players are excited to bring the trophy and bragging rights home.  Team supporters are gearing up for what’s sure to be a […]

Who Benefits the Most from Automated Ordering

Who Benefits the Most from Automated Uniform Ordering

There’s nothing like watching kids on the field or ice, being great team players, having fun, showing off their skills and making you proud.  Whether you’re a parent, coach or volunteer, it is ALL about the children! Teams and leagues in all sports have expenses that most people aren’t aware of.  It takes a lot […]

Increase Team Sales Fast

Increase Team Sales FAST!

As a parent, the thought of having to outfit my son for each rep football season always felt like so much work! The team volunteers always tried to help, but I could see their frustration in having to say: “we don’t have that size” “its on backorder” “his name was spelt wrong, it’s being redone” […]

Effective Volunteers are Happy Volunteers

Automated Ordering Makes Your Team Volunteers More Effective

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to cheer on the Ironman competitors in Whistler.  The week before the event I watched all the volunteers in Whistler Village doing what they do best – keeping the event running smoothly.  With their walkie talkies, tablets and laptops the volunteers clad in bright yellow t-shirts were […]