Case Studies

Team Ordering Made Easy. A Case Study

Deliver Winning eCommerce Solutions with Proforma Synergy

The Women’s Hockey Association (WHA) annual Championship event was a tremendous eCommerce success, servicing over 10,000 players, fans and supporters with the revolutionary eCommerce platform developed by Proforma Synergy.

Providing apparel for an event when you don’t know the number of people who will be ordering, their sizes or the customization they will require, is no easy task. Proforma Synergy helped the WHA face these challenges head on with a powerful ordering system that:

  • Requires no inventory
  • Processes thousands of custom orders on a user-friendly eCommerce platform
  • Can house hundreds of pieces of unique artwork for a wide variety of apparel pieces
  • Offers complete apparel customization
  • Is branded specifically for their organization

With an event of this magnitude and thousands of orders, back-end management can be a nightmare. To eliminate hours, days and weeks of handling and processing orders, Proforma’s powerful eCommerce solution helped the WHA eliminate:Multiple order touches and hours of paperwork

  • The back-and-forth of PDF proofs
  • The possibility of human error through a complete automated system

The online store was so successful that the WHA has continued to use the site long after the event to take apparel orders. The system has increased the WHA’s revenue, improved their customers’ buying experience and saved them time and money.

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