Team Ordering System vs the Insanity of Manual Ordering

If you have ever been in charge of collecting all the money for team uniforms, you know the headaches and the stress that come with it. If you have been chased by a volunteer who needs you to fill out paperwork and give money, you also know the headaches and stress. The insanity of ordering […]

Who Benefits the Most from Automated Ordering

Who Benefits the Most from Automated Uniform Ordering

There’s nothing like watching kids on the field or ice, being great team players, having fun, showing off their skills and making you proud.  Whether you’re a parent, coach or volunteer, it is ALL about the children! Teams and leagues in all sports have expenses that most people aren’t aware of.  It takes a lot […]

Fundraising for Sports Teams – It CAN be Easy

Managing a team’s finances is time consuming, frustrating and cuts in to the time needed to fundraise for the team. It’s the same story no matter the sport: baseball, football, soccer, hockey, amateur or fun, it’s all the same – fundraising is something that has to be done, but there’s just no time. It’s not […]