Escaping the Paper Prison of Team Sales

If your team sales business is drowning, or at least wading through paper order forms, POs and (hopefully) cheques, we have some tips to get you out of your paper prison.

  1. Replace catalogues and flyers with a branded online webstore a for each team or league
  2. Paper order forms become a thing of the past when players and supporters order online and personalize their apparel online
  3. Give shoppers the tools to make updates to their own orders online meaning you can recycle those Order Change forms
  4. Stop filling out POs by automatically create POs online in 3 easy steps
  5. Never deposit cheques again by having all the monies owed to you deposited directly into your bank account.

By implementing these tips you’ll not only save trees, you’ll:

  • Save time filling out paperwork
  • Eliminate the need to enter order details into multiple spreadsheets
  • Significantly reduce human errors that cost time and money
  • Increase sales by giving players and supporters what they want – online shopping
  • Grow your business by giving you back more time
  • Make team administrators, coaches, players, parents and supporters happier by making the ordering process simple, secure and fast

An automated online ordering system can help you do all this and more.  Not only can it free you from your paper prison it can also help you improve and grow your team business.

If you’d like to learn more about automating your team business, click here to sign up for a demo.  It could be the most worthwhile 30 minutes you’ll spent this year.

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