Running low on fundraising ideas for your kids sports team? It doesn’t have to be a chore anymore!

See how TOP makes fundraising SIMPLE!
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Your Team's Own Online Store
Your team's customizable apparel and spirit gear is ready for purchase. With Social Media promotion tools built right in.
Coaches do More in Less Time
We've automated everything - keeping parents & supporters in the loop AND saving coaches & volunteers a lot of unnecessary work.
Raise Money Year Round
Sell teamwear & spirit wear on your team's schedule.
Parents & supporters can shop online for uniforms & teamwear on their schedule 24/7/365.
Fundraising Tools for Your Team
Your Team keeps a portion of every sale!
Generate even more fundraising dollars with a Crowdfunding page for your team.

The Team Ordering online store for my son’s football team
helped us raise more money than we ever imagined!”

J. Pace


We know the headaches. We know the pains. We decided to solve uniform buying for teams once and for all. Let your coaches and volunteers leave their spreadsheets and clumsy order forms behind – they should be running your child's team, not drowning in paperwork.

Our online team stores makes things easy. Parents and supporters can buy team specific uniforms & team wear online from their smartphones and tablets.  We also provide every team a FREE crowdfunding page to generate even more funds for your team.

With your child's team receiving a portion of every sale, we're here to help your team make uniform buying easier for everyone and raise money to support the team!

Helping teams save time & money

Your Own Look

Your kid's team store with it's own colours, crests, logo – we will make your team look good!

Multiple Teams?

No problem! If your team has different divisions, TOP scales to meet the team or association's needs.

Detailed Reporting

Another headache coaches won't have to deal with. We provide all the real-time reporting that execs, coaches and volunteers need.

Attract Supporters

Grow the team's customer base with mailing list maintenance, events calendars and more – also available, should they need it.

24/7 Support

With 24/7 email support and training resources - we help your team reach their fundraising goals.

Social Media

We help team sales by integrating the most popular Social Media platforms into your team store.

No IT Overhead

All technical mumbo-jumbo taken care of. Isn’t that a relief?

Shop Anywhere

Computer, laptop, tablet-friendly designs mean a pleasant shopping experience for your team and supporters.


If your child's team could benefit from TOP, let us know

Raising money for your child’s team doesn’t have to be a chore anymore!

We’re parents of active kids so we know you’re short of time but not desire to help. We developed the Team Ordering Platform (TOP) to take the pressure off while helping you raise money for your child’s team or league – year round!

Team Ordering automates the entire process from ordering to aftercare – all online and accessible to all members, parents and supporters.

With TOP you can get rid of those spreadsheets and forms, stop trying to follow those long email chains and trying to chase down stragglers for orders and money.

TOP gives your team an organized, transparent and efficient process of ordering uniforms and spiritwear while earning a portion of every sale.  Your team can now increase sales of uniforms and spiritwear in less time than ever!

If your team could benefit from TOP’s ability to increase fundraising dollars and attract local sponsors, give us a call at 1.888.299.9673 or sign up for a demo.