Fundraising for Sports Teams – It CAN be Easy

Managing a team’s finances is time consuming, frustrating and cuts in to the time needed to fundraise for the team.

It’s the same story no matter the sport: baseball, football, soccer, hockey, amateur or fun, it’s all the same – fundraising is something that has to be done, but there’s just no time.

It’s not a matter of time, it’s about having tools that simplify time consuming tasks and make it easier for supporters to donate.

When most people think about fundraising for kid’s teams, they think:

  • bake sales
  • 50/50
  • car washes
  • cookbook sales
  • recycling fundraisers

Great ideas that have stood the test of time and get the team out in front of the community – and who doesn’t love a great bake sale!!

But what if you could make it easier for anyone, anywhere to support the team?

Try out These Fundraising Ideas for Teams

Here are a few fundraising ideas that can help your team reach out to family members around the world and right in your own neighbourhood.

  • Sell ebook cookbooks online through your website or social media pages.
    *You’ll save printing costs and you can also take orders for hard copy versions so if you do go to print you will only pay for printing what you need
  • Team pictures – have the photographer post the proofs online so parents can order them from the comforts of home.
    *You’ll be saving the photographer the cost of printing proofs. The cost savings can be used to negotiate with the photographer on the revenue you’ll receive from the increase in sales!
  • Sell uniforms and team wear on your team website and/or social media pages.
    *This will allow families who are short on time to see what is available and they can order items on the fly (for when your son loses his travel jersey).
Raising funds for a kid’s team doesn’t need to be a chore if you choose to make it simple.

At TeamOrdering, we help teams and associations of all sizes raise funds through online uniform and team wear ordering.

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