Increase Team Sales Fast

Increase Team Sales FAST!

As a parent, the thought of having to outfit my son for each rep football season always felt like so much work!

The team volunteers always tried to help, but I could see their frustration in having to say:

  • “we don’t have that size”
  • “its on backorder”
  • “his name was spelt wrong, it’s being redone”
  • and my favorite (NOT) was “we didn’t get that order”.

As a busy parent trying to make sure my son was outfitted properly and had the newest teamwear seemed to take more effort than it should.  At the end of a long work day, the last thing I wanted to do was fill out forms (and hope tired eyes didn’t make a mistake) and write cheques.

Association executives and team volunteers really do their best to make uniform ordering as simple as possible but if they don’t have the tools to really make it easy then parents will continue to see ordering as homework and not that important.

How could our Football Association have made it easy?

Like most Canadians today I do everything on my smartphone or iPad – its fast, secure and EASY. I demand that service providers offer me an online solution to shopping, paying and following up – because my time is precious.

Ordering and paying for football uniforms and teamwear online would have made life so much easier for everyone.  Add to that, if the line of teamwear apparel was presented online I more than likely would have purchased more items because ordering would have been on my terms, online and FAST!

As a sport association executive or volunteer you know that an important source of fundraising dollars comes from team sales. Having the ability to:

  • sell online
  • get paid immediately
  • offer the latest teamwear apparel to players and supports

results in increased sales and more fundraising dollars for your association.

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