Team Uniform Sales – Where’s the Money?

Team uniforms unite team members and supporters, yet for many sports associations, they’re a drain on finances and manpower – when the uniform and teamwear ordering process can be a huge benefit to your organization.

Your volunteers and parents likely see ordering uniforms as a necessary evil.  Never mind what the treasurer is saying about all the out of date stock that’s in the corner of the club house and unpaid orders.

The teams in your association do their best to stay on budget and yet every year the budget shows that money is lost when it comes to uniforms because of:

  • Orders that aren’t paid for
  • Late and rush orders that cost more
  • Excess stock
If your sport association is losing money instead of making money because of uniform ordering it’s probably a time to look at your process to see if automation can help.

By automating your uniform ordering process, your association can SAVE money by:
  • Having orders placed and paid for online and on time
  • Eliminating excess stock because you’re only ordering what’s required and paid for
  • Reducing administrative time and errors by having parents and supporters place, edit and track orders online
Online uniform ordering helps your association MAKE money by:
  • Giving each team their own branded online webstore with products specific to them, available 24/7 from any device
  • Offering members and supporters teamwear and spirit wear that sells
  • Earning money for each team from every sale
If your sports association could benefit from making money from uniforms and teamwear I encourage you to visit us at  We’ll show you how you can turn online ordering into a benefit for your association.

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