Sports uniforms and decorating options – explained

How do you decorate a uniform and with what decorating technique do you want to go with?  It all depends on your logo.  Let’s start with a few basic questions:

1.  How many colours is the logo?

More imprinted colours usually mean more costs. There are one-time setup costs for each colour.

2. How many locations do you want the logo on?

More locations usually means more costs. Sports teams typically choose chest, back, shoulder, leg or a combination of those.

3.  What is the purpose of my garment?

Why put a high end decorating technique on a practice jersey?

4. What is the quantity of garments you require?

Different decorating techniques have different minimum quantity requirements.


a. Screenprinting: Fast production, large imprint size available, best suited for full front or back application, cost effective

b. Embroidery: Classic decoration, cost effective,  fast turnaround, many thread colours to match any logo, can not reproduce fine detail

c. Heat Transfer: Small logos with extreme detail, allows for diverse logo placement, perfect for logos with many colours, requires High Quality artwork.  jpegs won’t work.

d. Applique (Felt, tackle twill, reverse & wool): Vintage and retail inspired looks, option of pre-cut letters and designs, small sizes don’t work. Longer lead times, small quantities are expensive.

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