Team Uniform Sales – Where’s the Money?

Team uniforms unite team members and supporters, yet for many sports associations, they’re a drain on finances and manpower – when the uniform and teamwear ordering process can be a huge benefit to your organization. Your volunteers and parents likely see ordering uniforms as a necessary evil.  Never mind what the treasurer is saying about […]

Increase Team Sales Fast

Increase Team Sales FAST!

As a parent, the thought of having to outfit my son for each rep football season always felt like so much work! The team volunteers always tried to help, but I could see their frustration in having to say: “we don’t have that size” “its on backorder” “his name was spelt wrong, it’s being redone” […]

Effective Volunteers are Happy Volunteers

Automated Ordering Makes Your Team Volunteers More Effective

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to cheer on the Ironman competitors in Whistler.  The week before the event I watched all the volunteers in Whistler Village doing what they do best – keeping the event running smoothly.  With their walkie talkies, tablets and laptops the volunteers clad in bright yellow t-shirts were […]

Automate the Important

Team Uniform Dealers – Reduce Mistakes and Improve Communication

You’ve got it all – your brand, merchandise, packaging, fulfillment and your reputation.  You’ve also got errors – lots of them. Errors cost you time, money and lost sleep.  Every problem that needs to be fixed takes away from the face-to-face time you can be spending with customers and leads. You’ve put systems in place […]