Team Uniform Sales – Where’s the Money?

Team uniforms unite team members and supporters, yet for many sports associations, they’re a drain on finances and manpower – when the uniform and teamwear ordering process can be a huge benefit to your organization. Your volunteers and parents likely see ordering uniforms as a necessary evil.  Never mind what the treasurer is saying about […]

Who Benefits the Most from Automated Ordering

Who Benefits the Most from Automated Uniform Ordering

There’s nothing like watching kids on the field or ice, being great team players, having fun, showing off their skills and making you proud.  Whether you’re a parent, coach or volunteer, it is ALL about the children! Teams and leagues in all sports have expenses that most people aren’t aware of.  It takes a lot […]

Increase Team Sales Fast

Increase Team Sales FAST!

As a parent, the thought of having to outfit my son for each rep football season always felt like so much work! The team volunteers always tried to help, but I could see their frustration in having to say: “we don’t have that size” “its on backorder” “his name was spelt wrong, it’s being redone” […]

Effective Volunteers are Happy Volunteers

Automated Ordering Makes Your Team Volunteers More Effective

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to cheer on the Ironman competitors in Whistler.  The week before the event I watched all the volunteers in Whistler Village doing what they do best – keeping the event running smoothly.  With their walkie talkies, tablets and laptops the volunteers clad in bright yellow t-shirts were […]

Automate the Important

Team Uniform Dealers – Reduce Mistakes and Improve Communication

You’ve got it all – your brand, merchandise, packaging, fulfillment and your reputation.  You’ve also got errors – lots of them. Errors cost you time, money and lost sleep.  Every problem that needs to be fixed takes away from the face-to-face time you can be spending with customers and leads. You’ve put systems in place […]

Team Uniform Dealers Multi-tasking

Interruption is the Enemy of Team Dealer Productivity

If you’re like most team dealers your day is constantly interrupted by administrative inquiries that need to be dealt with. Wouldn’t it be great if the majority of coach and parent inquiries could be dealt with automagically?

Order Team Apparel Online

Online Team Uniform Ordering

Will your team be outfitted on time? There is one thing coaches, team parents and administrators dislike – uniform and apparel ordering.  No wonder – it’s a time-sensitive, complicated, time consuming and often disorganized task that’s just too difficult for the volunteers. It’s usually involves spreadsheets, order forms, samples – and that’s just the start. […]

Good service does make the difference

Team Ordering – Customer Service

Ordering team apparel should be a smooth process: select the apparel, size and decoration. Right? What if you have questions? A vital ingredient in navigating the team ordering process is experienced customer service.  A high level of product knowledge and awareness of the wide variety of decorating techniques, questions about sizing and anything in between […]