Team Ordering System vs the Insanity of Manual Ordering

If you have ever been in charge of collecting all the money for team uniforms, you know the headaches and the stress that come with it. If you have been chased by a volunteer who needs you to fill out paperwork and give money, you also know the headaches and stress.

The insanity of ordering team uniforms probably goes like this:

  1. Find a team jersey/spirit wear supplier
  2. Figure out which products to order
  3. Design the uniforms
  4. Figure out sizing and colours that will sell
  5. Get paper forms and Ziploc bags to keep track of orders and money
  6. Chase down every parent on the team and get orders
  7. Chase down the couple stranglers that always seem to forget and do everything last minute
  8. End up having excess uniforms/spirit wear that will not sell
  9. No money left for the team to profit from

This can all be eliminated with TeamOrdering. While our page about all volunteer problems solved with TeamOrdering, we wanted to show you how a TeamOrdering uniform process could go.

After you set up your website the process will go like this...

  1. Pick the uniforms/spirit wear
  2. Design the uniforms
  3. Send out an email or text to the team to order their uniforms/spirit wear
  4. See everyone who ordered and what they ordered
  5. Check out your fundraising dollars rise


– Everything organized, simple and faster in a branded online store
– Eliminate frustration and 70% of the work out of apparel buying
– No need for multiple volunteers running around after parents
– Online shopping- everyone’s favourite hobby
– Every item sold, your team gets to keep some money
– No money invested, achieve your fundraising goals faster


– Losing uniform order sheets
– Sizing miscommunications
– A ton of papers and ziploc bags full of money!
– Trying to decifer “doctor handwriting”
– Excess stock you can’t sell
– Late or rush orders that cost more, leaving you with no profit
– Getting more sponsors because the team uniform profits aren’t cutting it

If your sports association could benefit from making money from uniforms and team wear I encourage you to request a demo below.  We’ll show you how you can turn online ordering into a benefit for your association.

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