Keep It In Your Pants

I can see you laughing and smiling.  That is not what this post is about, but I am pleased to see I got your attention.

This is about keeping something else that’s important to you, in your pocket…..your money.

How much of your association’s money is tied up in uniform and teamwear?

If you immediately cringed when thinking of the answer then the real answer is too much.

Your teams, parents and volunteers spend countless hours fundraising and wooing sponsors to support team goals and needs, not to insulate the clubhouse with excess apparel.

Now you don’t have to.

With automated team ordering you get tools to sell the inventory you do have on hand AND you can sell the uniforms and teamwear everyone wants without investing a dime of the team’s money on stock.  

If you like the idea of keeping it in your pants, find out about all the benefits of automated team apparel ordering.

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