Team Uniform Dealers Multi-tasking

Interruption is the Enemy of Team Dealer Productivity

The desk phone is ringing, your inbox is pinging, your cell phone is dinging – and that’s just a few of the interruptions team uniform dealers deal with on a daily basis.

“If you’re constantly staying late and working weekends, it’s not because there’s too much work to be done.  It’s because you’re not getting enough work done at work.  And the reason is interruptions.”

If you’re like most team dealers your day is constantly interrupted by administrative inquiries that need to be dealt with.  Wouldn’t it be great if the majority of coach and parent inquiries could be dealt with automagically?

The good news is you can!

Think about the types of interruptions that would not happen if your entire ordering and fulfillment process was automated?  You’d deal with less:

  • Order input and processing errors
  • Payment processing errors
  • Order status updates
  • Order corrections
  • Shipping updates

Imagine reducing your administrative time by up to 75%.  You would have the time and resources to grow your reach and free yourself up to spend more one-on-one time with customers and leads.

If your business could do with more customers and less interruptions then it’s time to consider learning more about an automated, online team ordering software with:

  • Branded webstores with online ordering, payment and order tracking
  • Custom email messaging system that sends automated marketing emails to team rosters
  • Automated order & shipping status notifications

Save yourself and your customers time by offering a team ordering platform that reduced interruptions AND makes team uniform ordering simple, efficient while helping to boost sales.

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