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Team Uniform Dealers – Reduce Mistakes and Improve Communication

You’ve got it all – your brand, merchandise, packaging, fulfillment and your reputation.  You’ve also got errors – lots of them.

Errors cost you time, money and lost sleep.  Every problem that needs to be fixed takes away from the face-to-face time you can be spending with customers and leads.

You’ve put systems in place to try to reduce the number of errors that cause coach and customer complaints and order redos. Yet, you’re still spending too much time on fixing problems that shouldn’t happen.

The service you provide has helped grow your business so you know you have to find a technology solution for these errors without breaking the bank.

You can reduce the number of human errors and order status questions that need your attention by using:

  1. Online ordering and payment = no manual order entry and you get paid now not later
  2. Custom email messaging system that sends automated marketing emails to team rosters = boost sales
  3. Automated order & shipping status notifications = informative communication

These 3 features alone can cut down on your administrative work by at least 70%. 

The use of automated emails and notifications ensures that everyone is kept in the loop – and let’s face it – the majority of questions you answer are about status and timing of orders and most of initial order problems are due to human error.

With the Team Ordering Platform (TOP) we can help you reduce administrative time, help you boost sales and give you back the time you need to grow your team ordering business.


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