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Branded Online Store for Your Team
Your team's customizable apparel and spirit gear is ready for the team and supporters to buy.
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Your team store is open 24/7/365.
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Fast & secure online shopping & payments means the end of chasing stragglers for payment.
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The end of spreadsheets, errors and paperwork with built in reporting & order management.

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H. Elizabeth


We know the headaches. We know the pains. We decided to solve uniform buying for teams once and for all. Leave spreadsheets and clumsy order forms behind – you should run your team, not be imprisoned by paperwork.

Our turnkey platform makes things easy. Parents can buy uniforms online. Supporters can buy spirit gear or donate money directly to your team.

Unlike other sports team platforms, we don’t want to “do it all” forcing you into a learning curve. We want to help you manage uniform buying and raising money for your team. That’s it!


Eliminate frustration and 70% of work out of apparel buying

Your Own Look

Your team webstore with your colours, crests, logo – we will make your team look good!

Multiple Teams?

No problem! If you manage more than one team, we can structure your TOP platform so it’s all easily managed from one admin panel.

Detailed Reporting

Another headache you don’t want to deal with. We provide all the reporting on-demand in the administrative section.

Premium Services

Mailing list maintenance, Events Calendars and more – also available, should you need it.

24/7 Support

We're here to help your team reach it's goals with email support 24 hours a day, everyday.

Social Media

We help you increase sales by integrating the most popular Social Media platforms into your webstore.

No IT Overhead

All technical mumbo-jumbo taken care of. Isn’t that a relief? We keep you store running fast & securely.

Optimized Viewing

Computer, laptop, tablet-friendly designs mean a pleasant shopping experience for your parents and supporters.

Try out a Demo

Achieve fundraising goals faster and boost sales year-round.

Team Uniforms in Your Own Team Store

Our years of experience in dealing with promotional products and personalized corporate apparel has taught us a few lessons. It's not all about price points and getting the most profit per unit. There is tangible value in delivering quality in a painless process. So, we've created a better way to sell and buy team uniforms and, found a way to ensure that your team benefits directly from from every sale.

First, signing up to buy team uniforms with will result in a huge savings of time spent on administrative, organizational and followup activities. It means more free time, less frustration, less legwork and more peace.

Our process is organized, transparent and efficient. Those of you who are tasked with purchasing team uniforms, teamwear and spiritwear know what we're talking about!
This is why we built our platform and this is why you need to check it out. Buying team uniforms has never been easier.

- hundreds of high quality uniforms and spiritwear available to your team, fans and supporters
- easy to use online ordering - no more spreadsheets, ziplock bags and chasing people
- all orders tracked through the admin console, any time
- best of all, your team makes money on every item sold through the store

While we specialize in hockey uniforms (female hockey uniforms, to be precise), we can accommodate any team. Our process is simple for both buyers (players, fans, supporters) as well as administrators.

We know all your team uniform buying pains and we have addressed them - why not find out what we can do for you and your team?

Ask for a demo today!