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Technology and Team Uniform Dealers – Making Life Easier

The success of your business is the relationships you build with your customers and to do that you need time.

Since getting more time added to the day isn’t going to happen you’ve adopted technology to help you manage and maximize your time.

Embracing technology, like your cellphone, has already helped you improve the service and productivity of your work.

In today’s fast paced work world coaches expect everything immediately – they’ve sent an email or text regarding a team uniform order and want answers – on their schedules.

As technology continues to evolve team uniform dealers now have options to help further improve service, productivity and ideally, profitability by:
  • Checking stock levels before placing an order to reduce back orders
  • Writing purchase orders online wherever you are, saving you time and potential errors
  • Offering online stores to spur sales while removing a lot of the workload off a coach’s plate
  • Collecting payments upfront reducing lost orders and coaches having to chase stragglers
  • Sending automated emails with order statuses to reduce or eliminate calls and inquiries

In the world of team sales, nothing beats a salesman in front of a coach.  Adding today’s technology helps you build on the personal touch by offering services that make team uniform ordering simple, efficient and boost sales.

Tell us how you use technology to make working with your coaches and vendors more productive.

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