The Catch 22 of Team Uniform Ordering

Catch 22 “a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.”

Team uniform ordering can be just that.  

Team uniform orders need to be placed and paid for.  There’s no way around it.

If team players aren’t outfitted properly they can’t play, if they can’t play it affects the entire team.  

The most likely reasons that players don’t have full uniforms are:

  • No uniform order was placed or it was placed late
  • The wrong uniform was ordered
  • The supplier was out of stock
  • The uniform order was lost

No one on the team wants to see a player have to stay on the sidelines.  

If your team is using paper forms, writing PO’s and collecting money in ziploc bags, it’s probably time to look at a smarter and more effective way of completing the uniform ordering process through automation.

Automating the ordering process means all players will receive email notifications to place and pay for their uniform orders online automagically. No more hunting down stragglers for orders and money or having to bench players for uniform issues.

Online uniform ordering gives your coaches & team administrators access to real time reports on:

  • what orders have been placed
  • stock and order updates from suppliers
  • the status of each order through to fulfillment
The benefits that come with automating your team uniform ordering help keep your players playing and eliminate the majority of ordering and payment problems that come with manual uniform ordering.

Help keep your players on the field, sign up for our Team Ordering Platform demo to see just how much your team can benefit from automating the process with online ordering and payment for your team.

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