Championship Uniforms – Don’t be late ordering (again)

Summer is coming to a close and championship season is upon us. Your players have had an amazing year and they’re preparing to play in the Provincial Championships in a few weeks.

The players are excited to bring the trophy and bragging rights home.  Team supporters are gearing up for what’s sure to be a memorable road trip.

But where are the coaches and volunteers? They all worked overtime getting the new championship uniforms and teamwear ordered for the tournament.

Unfortunately they’re not in a happy place. Just as they were taking a collective sigh of relief they received a call from their supplier saying that he can’t fill the order on time because it was submitted too late.

Whether you’re a player, executive, coach, volunteer or parent, and you’ve been in recreational sports for any length of time you know that the above scenario happens far too often.  

Getting championship uniform orders placed in a short period of time can be hampered by:

  • Collecting all orders and payments on time
  • Artwork issues that are addressed too late
  • Uniform and teamwear inventory availability

If your association or team has ever had to overcome any of those challenges you know the time and manpower that’s involved in fixing the problems.  What if those challenges could become opportunities that generate more funds for your team?

Orders and Payments

Imagine a world where all uniform and teamwear orders are placed and paid for online and the team received a portion of every sale.  Where parents and supporters:

  • receive automated and personalized emails inviting them to shop for their uniforms and teamwear in the team’s online store
  • can browse through and choose from a large selection of uniforms and teamwear specific to their team
  • pay for their orders online, eliminating the need to chase down stragglers
  • receive automated order status updates from order confirmation to shipping details
  • are reminded via email reminders to get their orders in

Customization and Artwork

With automating the uniform ordering process coaches and administrators have real time access to all order statuses.  With real time updates, customization and artwork issues can be identified and corrected before they turn into problems.


In the new world stock availability is updated real time.  With online ordering players and supporters can only place orders for items that are in stock.  I ask you to imagine how many upset phone calls and emails you and your volunteers will not have to answer when shoppers will now get exactly what they ordered.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could be happy this Championship season?  See how team Ordering makes that happen for sports and associations across Canada.

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